Success factors

Operational management services

If private management is not required, our longstanding operating experience may still be helpful during the pre-opening stage and for running the daily business. We'll be pleased to offer you your first consultation free of charge.

Operational management:
We take on long-term operational management for site-specific operator models, for example under a management contract, a leasing agreement or as an investment model.

One thing is certain: Quality sells. And we focus on the following  success factors:

„Hardware“ – Buildings and facilities

  • Clear competitive positioning
  • size in line with market requirements
  • best functional coherency
  • interesting balneological features
  • attractive wellness atmosphere
  • long service life and low maintenance cost owing to "quality construction" and careful execution of construction work
  • state-of-the-art technology creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for guests and high profitability, but is not visible for the visitor

„Software“ – Services and operational organisation

  • Focus on guests and quality of services
  • cleanliness and sanitariness
  • ongoing development and fulfilment of guest requirements
  • lean organisation
  • powerful marketing
  • technical optimisation of power, heat and water consumption